At Exact CCTV we pride ourselves on offering UK technical support and customer service. We try to answer all support and service e-mails during the same working day, usually within a few hours. We are not just an eBay stockist and offer support above and beyond that from the manufacturers we stock. We will try to help integrate products into existing systems or help with setup of items with remote P2P or cloud security camera services which unfortunately manufacturers won't offer to help with.
All our products (own-brand and branded) are offered with a UK and EU Guarantee by Exact CCTV. This means should an item be faulty, you send it to us for repair or replacement in the UK, not back to China or the EU.
If you order a kit or cameras with an NVR, then we will setup and test this before shipping the items to you. All our UK stock is tested before dispatch to minimise dead-on-arrival purchases.
All our firmware is English (no Chinese date or compatibility issues!). However, we only recommend that customers and installers upgrade using firmware we provide. This is because some newer versions of firmware are incompatible with some older devices with the same product name (the manufacturer often changes the mainboard specification on the product) and flashing the wrong firmware can brick the camera and void the warranty.
Here is an example of incompatibility as reported by the Network Camera Critic.
You are of course free to use the firmware from the manufacturer's website without checking with us before-hand, as long as you are aware of the risk. If you update to the latest firmware and it is buggy, you may have to wait until a further firmware release to resolve that issue.
We also stock our own brand CCTV camera and kits which we have been testing with professional installers that we distribute to. If you have any specific requirements for a kit or multiple product order then I would be happy to advise you on that.
If you have any questions or need any advice then please do get in touch.