Mini Dash Camera Hardwire Kit

Mini Dash Camera Hardwire Kit

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The Mini Dash Camera Hardwire Kit allows you to provide a seemless and tidy install for your Dash Camera that also frees up your cigarette lighter socket. Connects the wires to your 12/24v car electronics via an Accessories Fuse and the integrated Micro-USB to your Dash Camera. Can also be used to hardwire GPS devices.

The hardwire kit is approximately 3m in length in total. The cable running from the component box to the camera Micro-USB connector is approximately 2m in length. The 2 electrical wires running from the other end of the box to the car's electronics are approximately 1m in length.

Although we guarantee that this kit will work with Dash Cameras sold by ourselves - available here, we cannot guarantee that this hardwire kit will work with all makes and models of car camera. We always recommend using an approved car manufacturer hardwire kit where available.

Important - hardwiring a camera or other accessory with this kit is done entirely at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for any installation costs or additional costs that may be incurred after a fault or failure of camera, mount, hardwire kit, or car electrics. We recommend that all components are first tested thoroughly before installation. We strongly recommend that you hire a fully qualified, insured, and experienced auto-electrician to install the hardwire kit for you.

Please note - Not to be connected to permanent power as this could damage your dash camera and run down your car's battery.

Free delivery when ordered with any dash camera.

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